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Roots of awakening podcast episode 1 with April Kurtyka



From a very early age I knew that I interacted with the world differently than those around me. I seemed to feel what people were feeling and it was uncomfortable as hell. It then became my mission to make everyone I met happy, because I didn’t like it when I felt negative energy around me.

When I reached puberty, I learned that drugs could help numb some of the heightened sensations I felt. By the time I was 14 I was weaning myself off speed, which only made my need to people please become amplified. Often the only way I knew how to do this was with my body. I gave away the only thing I had to offer.

By 18 I was pregnant and my world changed forever. The next 15 years were plagued with deep pockets of depression sprinkled with soaring highs. Then in 2015 I reached the bottom of my mental illness journey- I suffered my first panic attack. It’s taken me 3 years to find the surface and come up for air.

This is my story. My hope in sharing it is you will understand why I need to do this podcast now, why I need to share my stories, talk about healing, and connect with those of you who get it.

Please feel free to reach out:

+ Email: april@rootsofawakening.com

+ Facebook: /rootsofawakening

+ Instagram: @rootsofawakening


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