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I want to start by saying welcome, thank you for finding your way here and being curious about what is next for you and your life.  Nothing brings me more joy than connecting and contributing to women who are ready to discovery their own next level.

Roots of Awakening is my next level of expansion, the combination of my career and my passion.  Roots of Awakening was born out of my own “awakening” and my commitment to education and learning. It is a culmination of my life-long struggle with mental illness and my passion to connect women with each other and to healing modalities that are gentle, natural and effective.

The modalities I have trained in, I have done so because they work for me and because I wholeheartedly believe in them. They have eased the grip depression has had on my mind, loosened the crippling effects of panic attacks. This clarity has allowed me to accept myself, find peace, restore my health and find my tribe of women.

I have been blessed by amazing teachers and guides along the way, including my three beautiful kids (who also drive me crazy) and my amazingly supportive husband. I will never stop learning and growing, to me it is like breathing and I delight in bringing everything I discover to my clients.

The time is now, don’t waste another day not feeling understood, alone and suffering. Discover what lays beyond the everyday. Let’s go on a journey, full of meaning, authenticity, connection and life. Your soul will thank you for saying “yes” to you first.

xox April  

To hear more about me and my personal story check out my first podcast.

Professional Bio

April is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Herbalist and Aromatherapist. She spent 10 years as a prenatal educator and lactation consultant, working in many Orange County, California hospitals. Author of Aunt Flo and papers on the benefits of chakras and essential oils. She is the mother of three beautiful children, Ella, Apollo and Gwen and lives in Huntington Beach with her husband Steve.

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