{ PODCAST 16 } Empaths, Raincoats, and Past Lives with Ilia

Sep 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Roots of awakening podcast episode 1 with April Kurtyka


As a child did people often tell you that you were a scaredy-cat or did you notice that you didn’t enjoy loud, busy places? Or maybe you weren’t one of those kids, but you have one. In this episode Ilia and I discuss why you weren’t a scaredy-cat, what you can do if you know a child like this, and why awareness about this issue is essential for all of us.

We will also cover the fact that we have all experienced an energy reading, whether you realized it or not, why we all need a raincoat and the link between past lives and anxiety.

Yeah, this episode is jam-packed and you don’t want to miss a thing. Get listening!

Meet Ilia: 
Ilias bio: Ilia is an an intuitive life coach, empath, public speaker, certified vibrational sound practitioner, reiki master, and licensed massage therapist, who guides modern soul-searchers along their journey. She left a 10-year career as a social worker and went into years of deep spiritual study and emerged on a new path: to help people heal by using their energetic body as a guide. In her private practice she uses a combination of intuitive coaching, sound therapy, energy work, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage to help her clients learn to trust their bodies again, while releasing negative patterns from their life. In addition to her in-person private practice, she offers online intuitive coaching, distance healings, energy readings, and spiritual guidance. Her favorite thing is to teach individuals how to trust their intuition, create a soulful practice that feels good to them, manage their energetic body, and most importantly, how to embrace a new path that comes from creating a soul-driven life!

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